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The Mitte Foundation now accepts on-line submissions only. Organizations may submit one Letter of Inquiry annually and will be advised of the decision in accordance with the schedule below.


The Foundation will review all inquiries and provide an emailed response: either a denial, or an invitation to submit a full grant proposal. Only those applicants who have received a favorable response to their letter of inquiry will be able to access the application to submit a full grant proposal. Should you receive a Request for Proposal, the instructions and deadlines for on-line application will be provided in that communication.


Please refer to our grant guidelines page here for more information on our funding requirements.




The Mitte Foundation accepts Letters of Inquiry twice a year.  The schedule for funding between January 1 & June 30, 2015, is as follows:


LOI may be submitted beginning:

June 15, 2014

Deadline for submitting LOI:

July 15, 2014

You will receive a response by:

August 31, 2014


[NOTE: The deadline for 2014 funding has passed.]


Requests for proposals will include deadlines and submission instructions. Please use the link below to log in and submit your Letter of Inquiry.

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